This is the transcript of Daddy Pig's Office Edit

  • Narrator: Today is a special trip, Peppa and George are visiting Daddy Pig's office.
  • Peppa: Daddy [snort] What you doing on office day?
  • Daddy Pig: Lots of fun things [snort] You see.
  • Narrator: This is the building where Daddy Pig work.
  • Daddy Pig: We're here.
  • Peppa Pig: Hooray! [snort] [laughs]
  • Switch Voice: Yes?
  • Daddy Pig: Hello, it's Daddy Pig.
  • Switch Voice: Hello, Daddy Pig
  • Peppa: [Snort] Can I press the button too?
  • Daddy Pig: Oh-oh! Of course, Peppa
  • Switch Voice: Yes?
  • Peppa: It's me
  • Switch Voice: Oh-oh-oh! Hello me, coming..
  • Daddy Pig: My office is in the top floor. We have to go up in the lift.
  • Peppa: [Snort] Can I press the button?
  • Daddy Pig: I think is George's turn. Press the top button, George. 
  • George: [laughs]
  • All: Ooh!
  • Narrator: The lift is taking Peppa, George and Daddy Pig up to the very top floor.
  • Peppa and George: Wow!
  • Lift Voice: Top cooler, doors opening.
  • Narrator: This is Daddy Pig's office
  • Daddy Pig: Hello everyone.
  • Mr Rabbit: Hello Daddy Pig
  • Mrs Cat: Hello Daddy Pig
  • Narrator: Mr Rabbit and Mrs Cat work with Daddy Pig.
  • Daddy Pig: I've brought two very special visitors with me today: [Snort] Peppa and George.

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