Peppa Pig
Some attributes
First Main Protagonist
Second She have one voice.
Third She and Daddy Pig are so similars.
Other attributes
Fourth Her snort isn't strong.
Fifth She loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles.
Sixth Her best friend is Suzy Sheep.
Peppa Pig is the main protagonist of the eponymous series, Peppa Pig. It is a little pig who loves to jumping in muddy puddles. She lives with her brother George and her parents: Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig.

Physical Appearance Edit


In 2000, Neville Astley and Mark Baker, creators of Peppa Pig Peppa did some sketches. In the sketch, Peppa use a blue dress with roses, but the idea was discarded because its resemblance to the sketch of George.


Peppa is a pig of anthropomorphic features. It is pink, and her dress is red. She wears black shoes, although in the episode "New Shoes", her shoes are red.

Personality Edit

Besides being cute and pretty, Peppa is a bit smug and bossy to her friends. It's a little fearful and distracted, almost always loses her stuffed animals.


During the series, Peppa is very distracted, above all in the matter of care without losing sight of Teddy, her stuffed animal.

In the episode "Teddy's Day Out", she forgets to Teddy on a hill, where before she and her family made a picnic.

In the episode "Balloon Ride", while she was in a hot-air balloon, dropped to Teddy to an three.


Peppa tends to be egocentric, because she always wants to do well in everything.

Sometimes she uses George to look like the biggest pig, especially in the presence of his cousin Chloé.


George Edit

George is Peppa's little brother. Peppa's task has always been take care of George, but sometimes she ends up taking advantage of his innocence. Revealed in the episode "Whistling", George can do things that Peppa can not do, so she has a bit envy. In many episodes, Peppa usually play too rough with George, making it cry; notably in the episode "Snow". Peppa helps George, as seen in the episode "George's Friend".

Mummy Pig Edit

Mummy Pig is Peppa's mummy. She gets angry when Peppa plays abruptly with George. Peppa sometimes interrupts Mummy Pig when she is working on her computer.

Daddy Pig Edit

Daddy Pig is Peppa's daddy. Peppa mocks Daddy Pig's stomach. Despite that, she has established many similarities with he. One example is the episode "Time Capsule" when Madame Gazelle tells Peppa her personality is very similar to her dad.

Chloé Pig Edit

Chloé is Peppa's cousin. Peppa always want to be noted as the biggest pig when Chloe. Peppa hides his tastes, but also Chloé likes Peppa's favorite game: jump in muddy puddles.

Granny Pig Edit

Granny Pig is Peppa's granny. She tells Peppa and George 'my little ones'. Granny Pig and Peppa loves gnomes and wishing wells.

Grandpa Pig Edit

Grandpa Pig is Peppa's grandpa. She loves helping Grandpa in his garden, as well as Grandpa likes helping Peppa repairing her stuff.

Other Relationships Edit

Suzy Sheep Edit

Suzy Sheep is Peppa's best friend. However, whenever there have been discussions between them. In the episode "The Quarrel", Peppa and Suzy quarrel because Peppa lost in a card game, and she believed that Suzy was cheater. In the episode "Chatterbox" they argue who is the most talkative.

Candy Cat Edit

Candy Cat is a Peppa's friend. Candy and Peppa loves the fishes.

Danny Dog Edit

Danny Dog is a friend of Peppa. However, certain times Peppa is mean to him.

Emily ElephantEdit

Emily Elephant is Peppa's friend of the Playgroup. She was very shy, Peppa helped Emily to overcome her insecurity. Emily Elephant's favorite game is also Peppa's favorite game.

Zoë ZebraEdit

Zoe Zebra helped Peppa to deliver her bear, Teddy.

Pedro PonyEdit

Pedro Pony is, possibly, Peppa's best guy friend. In the episode "School Play", Peppa kisses Pedro.

Dubbing Edit

United States Edit

In a programming block on Cartoon Network USA, Tickle U, Lily Snowden-Fine as Peppa Pig transmitting an Original with American English accent. The cast of this version is unknown.

Spanish of Latin America Edit

Latin America has two versions of dubbing for Peppa Pig. The first version was dubbed in Venezuela, with Leisha Medina as Peppa. The second version was made in Mexico, with Auri Maya as Peppa.

Spanish of Spain Edit

Cristina Yuste was who voiced Peppa in Spain.

Portuguese of Latin America Edit

Natalia Mazzi was who voiced Peppa in the first and second season. But another actrees unknown voiced Peppa in the last seasons.

Trivia Edit